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Silver Metals is being considered and approved for all the Major International Consultants and Clients for handling any kind of Back of House jobs. We have successfully completed numerous hotels and restaurants with highest quality standards. We have the capability to design and manufacture from a broad range of modern materials and our stainless steel fabrications are of the highest standard to ensure maximum rigidity and long service life, we standardize on a robust all-welded construction. Silver Metals has a broad range of products that are either as stand alone items or where appropriate may be included in some of our schemes.



Silver Metals has successfully completed many FOH counters in reputed star hotels. Front of House & Decorative Counters with Hot & Cold sections , Wine Displays are few of our production specialties where maximum hygiene and highest quality standards are maintained. We work closely with international Companies such as Counterline UK for its drop-in and display units to incorporate in our FOH  counters.


Finura is our Brand Name for Stainless Steel modular kitchens and Wardrobes. Custom made residential kitchen, made of 304-grade stainless steel. Every Finura kitchen and Wardrobes is an Artistic blend of glass, stone and stainless steel making it the center of attraction of your house. With a team of expert designers, engineers and craftsmen at your service, finura will make you proud. Finura is a combination of stainless steel and top class accessories from Europe.

 OUR Products