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We have a dedicated team of in house designers for both 2D and 3D who visualize how an architectural blue print will be transformed into a real 3-dimensional structure. The value Engineering division adds intelligent ideas to the process, in line with our commitment to add more value to your plan at every step.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

In Silver Metals a highly skilled and well-equipped engineering Factory with all of the sophisticated facilities you would expect from the industry leaders. We have the capability to design and manufacture from a broad range of modern materials and our stainless steel fabrications are of the highest standard to ensure maximum rigidity and long service life, we standardize on a robust all-welded construction. Silver Metals has a broad range of products that are either as stand alone items or where appropriate may be included in some of our schemes.

Laser Cutting

We use high-tech laser system are able to censure rapidly the provision of shaped details of high dimensional accuracy, finished or ready for subsequent processing. CNC TRUMPF laser facility With the following characteristics: cut sheets of carbon steel with a maximum thickness of 15 mm cut stainless steel plate with a maximum thickness of 8 mm cut Mild Steel sheets of maximum thickness of 16 mm. 3000X1500 mm field of work.

CNC Punching

We are equipped with State of the art Trumpf CNC punching machines which can do 6.4mm thick Mild Steel, 3mm thick Stainless Steel and 5mm thick Aluminum on a working range of 3200mm x 1250mm. Variety of operations like Punching holes, Slitting, Tapping, Beading & Forming of Louvers, Flange and special applications are undertaken.

Silver metals has the most modern CNC 5&6 axis-bending machines, which can do any bending, job to perfection and degree. Our LVD and Amada Bending machines are best in the industry.


Our Services